A Wonder-ful day out!

"Change their minds, and change the world." Wonder Woman

Sometimes you just want a casual, comfy outfit while still sharing your fandom and your love of characters. Things don't always have to be complicated so following on from yesterdays very solid nod to Wonder Woman today I create a more subtle look.

This outfit is really easy to pull off, it's about about channelling the princess rather than directly emulating her. My red top is a silk cami from Alannah Hill, but I also do this with cotton tank tops or singlets, both work, I just like the shiny look of the silk.

I also added my blue sparkly bolero, which I featured in my Pokemon Ash-inspired look. It's a beautiful bolero, sadly no longer for sale but occasionally they pop up on eBay so keep an eye out. I really loved this bolero for Wonder Woman because it's a bit like bringing the blue stars into reality.

Throw in my favourite pair of jeans from Saba for extra comfy-ness and a Wonder Woman belt buckle and you have a sweet shout out to the Princess of the Amazons herself! I used a white belt with this belt buckle really just for a change, plus it brings out the white stars on the buckle rather than just blending in with the black.

Rather than wearing my sweet Wonder Woman shoes (which I highly recommend you check out in my Princess of the Amazons post) I added my black boots. Not going to lie, I wore these 100% because they are new and I really wanted to wear them. Not everything has to be about being geeky!

I'm also wearing a long gold triangle necklace which I bought from Louvisa, at the moment it is my favourite necklace so I think i'm just going to wear it as often as I can.

Be wonder-ful every one!

Wonder Woman Casual