As Dark as the Knight

"Let's face it 'Superman', the last time you really inspired anyone, was when you were dead" Batman

I love Batman, and I especially love him when he is burning Superman. Don't get me wrong, I like Superman, but I just don't find him as interesting. Batman on the other hand is dark, broody and bad-ass!

This outfit I wear on a regular basis, I love it because it's a pretty subtle Batman shoutout! I purchased this from Black Milk Clothing (one of my favourite nerd fashion shops), it was the first item I ever bought from their store so it pretty much started me on my love of Black Milk!

The Batman on this dress is really cool, instead of being your traditional hero look, Batman looks really dark and menacing, just the kind of Batman I love! It's much more Dark Knight and less campy, he looks cool and terrifying! 

This outfit is pretty versatile, the dress itself is reversible it can be a scoop-front or racer-front, I typically prefer the scoop-front, mainly because I don't have the right bras for a racer-front, but occasionally i'll rock the racer! I usually wear my black jacket, but this dress also works with a long black cardigan if you want something a little warmer.

Warm this up in winter with some leggings and boots!

The necklace I'm wearing is from Forever New, they did a really sweet Batman release a while ago and I bought up a bunch of cool stuff. I used to wear a traditional style necklace with this but I just like the bat shape, it's really cool. 

I had the pleasure of meeting some staff at Comic Con in Perth this year and they were all wonderful fun people. Definitely worth supporting this Australian company if you are looking for some fab stretchy fabric clothes (or just something for your fandom love).

The Batdress from Black Milk Clothing