Ash Ketchum All!

"There is no sense in going out of your way to get someone to like you." Ash Ketchum

Following up from my Misty casual cosplay I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do a special interpretation of Ash Ketchum. Unlike Misty I didn't want to go for a exact representation because let's face it, Ash's outfit is ugly (sorry Pokemon fans). 

Instead this outfit is Ash-inspired. 

Originally I had envisioned a more grungy look complete with a leather jacket, but I found it was a bit dull and lacked the energy that Ash expresses in the cartoons. So I took a change of direction and created this sparkly number!

This process was all about layers, if you check out Ash's look he is pretty layered up, clever boy, with all that travelling you definitely want layers. 

Getting the blue and white shirt was the most difficult part of the whole outfit, I wanted to channel Ash's general vibe but without it looking overly masculine. When you look at Ash's shirt it's blue down the middle with white sleeves and a white collar so I picked out one of my white business shirts to mimic the collar and paired it with my blue sparkly bolero. 

The bolero was another purchase from Alannah Hill, it's called "I Stabbed Him!" Bolero from the 2012 Autumn/Winter collection, it occasionally pops up on eBay second hand so keep an eye out.

I wanted to try and keep the rest of the outfit as close to Ash's look as possible so I added a dark t-shirt underneath (layers people), as well as some comfy denim jeans and sneakers. I didn't have a brown belt that matched Ash's, mine were all a bit too feminine, so I raided my husbands closet and borrowed one of his!

Men's accessories or clothing can sometimes be perfect for your outfits, make sure you raid your partners, brothers or friends wardrobes every now and then! (With their permission of course)

To get Ash's green fingerless gloves I ended up purchasing some knitted ones off eBay really cheap. I opted for a darker green so they would be a bit more realistic and less gaudy. They are crazy soft and really warm, I think they will come in handy while I'm playing Pokemon Go in the evening! (Those nights get chilly!) 

While I was on eBay I also got my Pokemon hat, there were a few different variations of Ash's hat so I opted for the classic one mainly because I liked that the logo matched my gloves! 

It might not be the best there ever was, but I certainly felt that it was my destiny to create this outfit! I hope to see you all walking around catching Pokemon and casual cosplaying your favourite Pokemon character while you are at it! 

If you are wondering where I got the Pokeball, one of the local clubs had a Pokemon themed night complete with lures. While dancing the night away we caught the ball on the dance floor. Unable to find it's owner I kept it for my photo taking the next day. Thanks whoever made it, it's fabulous!

Ash Ketchum Pokemon Outfit