Batman Returns The Fashion Sequel

"You believe you can change the way of things,
Batman. It is why you are who you are." The Phantom Stranger

I love that Batman thinks he can change things, i’m constantly trying to challenge myself to fight for what I believe in, and fitting a bit of Batman into my wardrobe helps remind me of that!

My previous Batman look was pretty dark so this time I went for something a bit lighter with a bit more sass! If you like a sassy Batman as much as I do might I suggest the animated series Batman Brave and the Bold. Sassy Batman is always good fun! I love the versatility of Batman fashion; you can work the simplicity of the classic black, go a bit more fun and you can dress the look up or down. Batman, really is prepared for everything.

I came across this fabulous Lazy Oaf dress on Asos some time ago so unfortunately it has sold out now but if you adore it as much as I do then try Ebay, last I checked there were a few bouncing around. The dress is a stretchy, clingy fabric, so it is pretty tight. I’m not super comfortable wearing this on it’s own so I often wear it as a top, but it does look fabulous as a dress as well.

I like a poofy skirt; it gives you a nice waistline and makes the outfit a bit more feminine.

Just because something was made to be worn a particular way doesn’t mean you can’t do your own thing with it. Always think about the possibilities, that’s what Batman would do.

This look is not one of my more subtle outfits but sometimes you just want to shout your fandom from the rooftops! They don’t call me Batmandy for nothing.

The first Batdress from Asos!