Batwoman DC Bombshells

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This outfit is just so fantastic I was pretty excited when Hot Topic released the line! Admittedly I haven’t actually read the DC Bombshells collection but I was given the Batwoman Bombshells Figure for christmas in a rather wonderful set of circumstances so when the opportunity came up to buy the dress I really couldn’t help myself!

There are a lot of things I love on Hot Topic but purchasing is a bit of a big deal for me, whilst the price is affordable I have to wrangle the terrible US-AUD exchange rate and a rather costly shipping experience. 

Keep an eye out for Hot Topic discounts on international shipping, they often have special which take the pain out of it.

The quality from Hot Topic varies but I find for the most part you get what you pay for and it more than meets my standards. The DC Bombshells Batwoman dress a really nice sturdy fabric it is super comfy. I can totally imagine playing baseball/fighting crime in this. (I wouldn't recommend wearing this on a hot day though, it gets quite warm!)

Sadly I missed out on the matching Batwoman Baseball Cap, but I did have an official Batman hat from Movie World in Queensland which I thought worked pretty well. 

I wanted to try and match the look as much as possible so I raided my closet and found my black pumas which I thought was a pretty close match to the original figure. Plus side, it was really comfy walking around in sneakers all day!

What is great about this look is that you can wear heels with it as well as sneakers, dress it up or dress it down!

The downside of this dress is that there are no pockets! It feels like it should have pockets, so there is always that slight disappointment when they aren’t there. I also felt it would have been much nicer if the lining of the dress was red so when it swooshed it was red underneath, but that is a minor issue.

I hope you are lucky enough to get this beautiful dress, and if not, why not try making your own, it works for everyday and also your Cosplaying needs!

Batwoman Bombshell's Dress by Hot Topic