Be a Nerd, No Judgements!

"Nerd. One whose unbridled passion for something defines who they are as a person, without fear of other people's judgment." Zachary Levi

The Nerd Machine is co-founded by Zachary Levi who plays my favourite TV Nerd of all time Chuck Bartowski. 

Full disclosure Zac Levi is number one on my list of "Celebrities I want to play Cards Against Humanity With" so I may be a little biased regarding Nerd Machine.

I have a few items from Nerd Machine but I'm just going to talk to about this one t-shirt. A lot of the Nerd Machine t-shirts are unisex, which i'm not usually into but I really liked the Nerd shirt so I went for it anyway.

When buying unisex t-shirts go a size smaller, they tend to fit better.

This t-shirt is so soft, I absolutely love it, it's really comfy and looks great. I was surprised it actually sits pretty well and I like the v-neck, I really hate t-shirts that feel like they are strangling you!

So far it has washed really well, it hasn't lost it's shape or faded so I have absolutely no complaints with it at all. 

However, I do have a slight gripe with Nerd Machine, it took 4 weeks to ship this, and I mean actually package it up and post it, which in my opinion is incredibly slow turn around so that was really disappointing. Shipping time itself was pretty standard from the US though. Also on the plus side, they included a Nerd Machine key ring which I really like!  

The rest of this outfit is quite standard, my jeans are from Zara, I wear them a lot with my Batman t-shirts. The jacket i'm wearing is absolutely magnificent, it's from Alannah Hill and I bought it on sale at 70% off. I have a funny story about this jacket which I might tell you one day. 

The classic Nerd outfit