"Shhhh...my common sense is tingling" Deadpool

Deadpool was recommended to me by my local comic book shop when I decided I needed a break from Batman. I got the first set of Classic Deadpool comics and fell in love with the character, he was such a nice change from the dark broody Batman.

This dress was purchased as a gift from Super Hero Stuff, it is still available if you are keen. This is a very similar style to my Batman dress.

Consider wearing this dress as a top if you are uncomfortable with the length.

This fabric is similar to the stuff I get from Black Milk Clothing but no where near the quality. I find the Deadpool dress loses it's colour as it stretches which is unfortunate because without the strong red and black colours it doesn't have the impact.

I also find because of the length this dress rides up a lot and i'm constantly readjusting which is why I usually wear this as a top with some black jeans rather than as the dress itself. Though don't rule this out for you, it might just be my body shape doesn't quite work with the cut.

Despite my issues with the dress I still really like it, I wore it to the Deadpool movie premiere with a black leather skirt and Deadpool leggings (plus of course a super cool Lady Deadpool pony tail!).

Deadpool, more specifically Lady Deadpool!