Eat, sleep, code, repeat.

"Everyone should learn how to program because it teaches you how to think." Steve Jobs

Not my usual Batman themed garb, I have been on a bit of a developer fix lately since my trip to Google I/O (check out my Google Girl and Google I/O posts).

Though I am a believer that developers are more than just developers, we do more than just eat, sleep and code I still loved this t-shirt. I originally wanted the hoodie but it sold out so I had to go with the shirt, which is actually mens, because they sold out of women's sizes, I do wonder how many they had, probably not many. Regardless, love the t-shirt! 

Like my Google Girl post I didn't want to wear my t-shirt with jeans so I scoured my closet for something else to go with the shirt. I found this fabulous poofy skirt and I thought went perfectly with my t-shirt.

I like to look for ways to wear my clothes a little differently, and also ways to re-use what I already have. I also like to challenge the way that people see developers, it's really easy to fall into the stereotype that you have to be, act and look a particular way. 

Not this girl, I'll just drink my tea in my Google cup and get back to coding :)

Eat Sleep Code Repeat