"You taught us to imagine, and we imagined your irrelevance." Daleks

As a big fan of Doctor Who I had to include a nod to the Doctors number one enemy the Daleks. Many say the Daleks are the most terrifying of all his enemies, I would argue it's the Weeping Angels but you can't deny these cold calculating monsters are a formidable foe worthy of a special casual cosplay!

Both the skirt and top are Black Milk Clothing purchases, the top is from their amazing Doctor Who collection which also includes the beautiful TARDIS dress. Both the inside out dress and this great Dalek top is available online for purchase so if you love it go get it now before it sells out or they finish the collection. The top is reversible but for me I can really only wear it the one way otherwise things don't fit properly.

The skirt is a Sheer Spot Maxi skirt and sadly has sold out, it's absolutely fabulous very swooshy and though it's sheer it has a black skirt underneath to stop people from seeing your underwear! The spots on the skirt reminded me of the outer shell of the Dalek, it just seemed to fit so perfectly! I couldn't have imagined a better pairing! 

If you look closely you'll notice I'm wearing a Bat necklace, that was accidental! I forgot I had it on but it went so well I decided to leave it. Maybe if Batman was around to help The Doctor the Daleks wouldn't still be around!

Be sure to check eBay for sold out items, often you'll find them pop up second hand!

The Dalek Outfit.