Google Girl

"If it isn't on Google, it doesn't exist" Jimmy Wales

Another addition from my travels to San Francisco is my Google t-shirt! I know this is weird but I've always wanted one just like this, the classic Google logo on a white t-shirt, I couldn't pass it up!

When I thought about how I was going to wear this I automatically went for the jeans. T-shirts and jeans go together like milk and cookies! But I thought that was just too obvious and decided to make something a bit more feminine. 

I present to you my girly Google-ness! I raided my closet to find something that had a Google vibe and found this gorgeous high-waisted silk skirt from Alannah Hill. I love how the coloured spots match the colours in the Google t-shirt, it just felt right. The skirt itself is from a few years ago (so it isn't available for purchase anymore), this one in particular is called "Hugs and Kisses", which in itself is just adorable. This was another second hand purchase I bought it out of season off eBay at a really good price. 

Remember, not everything has to be brand new, and you don't always have to buy something new, check your wardrobe for inspiration!

The fabulous tie belt has a gorgeous bow edged with pearls and beads and is another Alannah Hill special which I have also had for a few years, it adds to the feminine look and creates a nice finish where the t-shirt and skirt join. For reference it's called "My Style Crush Belt".

Accessories wise I went for a Swarovski slake bracelet in pink, I've talked about how much I love these before and I highly recommend them! I don't know if this one is available anymore but they have so many colours you can definitely find the one for you. I also went with more Alannah Hill with the headband, just to finish off the look.

So this is my version of Google, just because I love code, and super heroes, and i'm crazy nerdy doesn't mean I can't also be girly. Be whoever you want to be, don't let stereotypes define who you are.

Google Girl