Google I/O - The Swag Edition

"Wear your failure as a badge of honour" Sundar Pichai, Google CEO

A few weeks ago I attended Google I/O in San Francisco, it was a massive event, over 3 days with more than 7,000 people in attendance. Like most conferences they gave away a nice set of swag so I decided a swag post was in order.

What was different about this conference as opposed to your usual Tech event was that it had a very strong music festival vibe, everything was outdoors, with tents set up for the presentations. There were rooms to check out cool things like the 360 Video of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, or the giant robot that shot different coloured paint at a giant cube! 

This is where I got the inspiration, tech + festival perfect for a beautiful, warm and sunny day.

Full Disclosure: I didn't actually wear this at the event because I was much too excited to think up a new outfit! I did however wear my TARDIS Dress my Hush Dress and my Batman Dress (as a top with jeans) which were winners as usual!

The main part of this outfit is of course the conference t-shirt! This was Google's 2016 I/O shirt, loved the colours, I do enjoy a bit of pink on a tech shirt. It's very comfortable and I like that they did Male and Female shirts, i'm not a big fan of "unisex" (it basically means mens). 

Next up we have the headband, which is actually one of those multi-way head scarf deals, it's a nice stretchy fabric, personally I loved this but I do know some people were not super keen. What I will say is an actual baseball cap probably would have been more effective at stopping people from getting sunburnt (which they inevitably did). Not a problem for me, I'm Australian, I was prepared for the sun and brought along my own hat!

The last piece of my I/O outfit swag was  my I/O water bottle which is of course a must for any festival style event, always stay hydrated people.

I also got a sweet pair of sunglasses which I have since misplaced, they were awesome though, there was a white and a black option!

To finish off my festival conference event look I added a nice pair of high waisted shorts (it was very hot after all) and of course my sweet Batman boots. Heels, in my opinion are simply not practical for a day of walking around chatting, learning and being inspired! The last thing you want is to be worrying about your sore feet when you are being inspired by awesome people! 

I also added one of my favourite things, a Swarovski Slake Green Bracelet! I love these so much I have them in multiple colours, I typically find bracelets uncomfortable to wear but these leather ones are really comfortable. Plus this one goes perfectly with the colours of Google I/O. I highly recommend checking these out and this particular one is on sale at the moment!

Look out for some other Google inspired outfits coming soon, I went on a bit of a shopping spree! 

Google I/O - The Swag