Misty, gotta catch em all!

"I'm just as tough as you two" Misty

Like many people in the world I have been lured by the world of Pokemon Go! 

Considering the games current popularity I decided to create a couple of Pokemon themed outfits and first up was of course Misty!

Surprisingly simple to put together, the yellow t-shirt and the shorts I just happened to have in my closet, so it was not a difficult look to achieve. The braces I purchased really cheap off eBay, they only cost me a few dollars including postage so if you are looking to do something similar I'd highly recommend checking eBay before heading to the shops where they are significantly more expensive.

If you are an avid fan of the series you might note that I'm not wearing her red and white trainers, well that is because I don't own any so I thought I'd mix it up and go with my heels, Misty never sacrificed her femininity to accomplish her goals and neither shall I! 

Sadly it is winter in Perth so I don't think I'll be wearing this any time soon but I was pretty pleased that I can just whip the outfit together so quickly. Score one for me! 

If you are wondering where I got the Poke ball, I'll give you an update on that in my next post.

This is definitely a great option for casual cosplay, or just a cosplay in general, it's pretty low cost, easy to put together and highly recognisable. Nice to have a costume that doesn't require dropping all the cash!

Carry on catching them all friends!

Misty from Pokemon outfit