Princess of the Amazons

"Have confidence in your own strength." Wonder Woman

This weekend I decided to put together a brand new Wonder Woman look from clothes that I already had in my wardrobe. I had a fun time pulling something together and got to utilise my absolutely amazing Wonder Woman shoes (which i'll talk about near the end so make sure you stick around).

At the last Supanova in Perth I purchased the fabulous Wonder Woman bathers from Black Milk Clothing, yes another item from their collection, I really cannot speak highly enough of them. The bathers are still available for purchase so if you love them pop over now and get them! They come with a red cape which is super cool but honestly I've never used the cape for either the Wonder Woman or Batman bathers that I have from there so I don't know how useful that is. Cool though!

The bathers form the basis of the whole outfit and is really what gives it the obvious Wonder Woman look! I added a bright blue skirt which I thought went pretty well with the whole outfit and really helps to deliver that classic Wonder Woman vibe.

For accessories, which I felt Wonder Woman had to have, I added a gold triangle necklace that I purchased from Louvisa, it actually comes in a set with a long and a short necklace, it's very nice. I also have a gold bangle as a representation of her gold bracelets that deflect bullets! I have super skinny wrists so it is a bit clanky but still really cool. (I actually had two but I lost one, whoops!)

To bring more of the gold look I added a metal gold belt, I bought this a couple of years ago for a ball when I was doing a Batman inspired ball gown and I think it just looks really awesome. Diana is a princess after all.

Finally the best part of the whole outfit has to be the shoes. They came out a bit dark in my photos but they truly are spectacular.

Wonder woman shoes!

These shoes came about as part of a competition online shoe website Shoes of Prey was running to find "The Best Shoe Ever". I had previously designed a series of Superhero themed shoes but had failed to include a pair for Wonder Woman so I set about to add Diana to my designs. I entered my Wonder Woman shoe on a whim, as far as I was concerned super heroes and geek fashion should be represented in all walks of life (ha, walks of life!). 

I entered near the end of the competition and I certainly wasn't expecting anyone to love my shoe as much as I did but as it turned out I made the judges top 5 picks! 

Shoes of Prey judging the best shoe ever

As a result of making the top 5 I won a free pair and I love them still to this day! If you want your very own pair you can buy them at the Shoes of Prey website, or why not design your own!

Remember it is important to always be yourself and share the things that you love, whatever that may be. Do not be afraid to flaunt it, you might find that other people love what you do too, even if it isn't for the same reasons!

Princess Of The Amazons