The Bat loves the Cat

"You are part of the night, just like me. We're not afraid of the dark--we come alive in it...we're thrilled by it." Catwoman

I have loved superheros for quite some time but mostly in the animated form. My interest in comic books only started in my mid 20s with the Batman Comic: Hush, it's a fantastic graphic novel, the illustrations are beautiful. The art on this dress is straight out of Hush, so when I saw it I had to buy it, there was no question. My first and favourite comic on a dress, no brainer!

Catwoman is an interesting character because she is both a villain and on occasion a "hero". I wouldn't class her as a typical villain (like the joker) she is something else entirely which is what I love about her.

This outfit is really straightforward, I purchased the dress of Hot Topic, unfortunately it is no longer available for purchase, sorry everyone, maybe give eBay a whirl! The dress itself is extremely comfortable, the fabric is soft and the waistline is in a good spot for me. As far as imagery goes the colours are beautiful, I really love this dress, it is truly fantastic!

Wear black leggings and a jacket in winter to warm this outfit up.

What is great about this dress is if you wear it with heels it looks dressed up, but because it's a cotton type fabric you can also wear it with leggings and sneakers to make it a bit more casual. 

I do love a dress that is suitable for different situations...kind of like Catwoman being both a villain and a hero.

Hush: The Batman Kisses Catwoman dress