The Harley-Quinn!

"I'm known for being quite vexing, I'm just forewarning you" Harley Quinn

Sometimes the villains just have more fun, and no one has more fun than the Joker's number one girl Harley Quinn! Harley is pretty popular right now with the new suicide squad movie coming out so I thought i'd add some Harley to my style.

There are two main items of this outfit the first part is the Harley Quinn leggings which are from Black Milk Clothing. As usual the leggings are really good quality, the red is so vibrant and the black stays black even when the fabric stretches. I really can't give any higher praise for Black Milk Clothing, everything I have purchased from there has been top notch!

The second Harley item is actually the jacket which is the very cool! You cannot see it in this picture but it's the Harley Quinn Aviator Jacket. This is part of the same collection as my Batwomen Bombshells dress and when I saw it I couldn't go past it. Appropriately geeky jackets are quite hard to come by and I love that this one looks quite normal from the front but then when you see the back it has this sweet "Jokers Wild" emblem on the back.

Harley Quinn: Jokers Wild Back of Jacket

The jacket itself is faux leather with a faux fur collar, the pockets are a nice touch (I do love pockets after all) and it fits really well. It's not as high quality as the Black Milk Stuff but in my opinion it was worth the money because it looks super cool and it is something a little different. 

The rest of my outfit is pretty straight forward, to pull off the "Bombshells" style I added my high waisted denim shorts. The original inspiration for the look rocked a bikini top but for something a bit more every day I pair the shorts with a black singlet.

The shoes were just a bit of fun, I love that the Harley leggings are split colour so I decided to split my shoes as well.

When I find a pair of comfortable heels I usually buy them in a couple of colours so I have options.

The final touch is of course the hair! You can't have a Harley outfit without pigtails so channel your inner child and rock that hair.

Have fun and go crazy.

Harley Quinn Bombshells Look