The Inside Out Dress

"This is who I am, right here, right now, all right? All that counts is here and now, and this is me!" Ninth Doctor

Doctor Who is one of my favourite shows for many reasons, but mainly I love how The Doctor travels through life constantly changing and having an impact on the worlds he visits. The Doctor is always himself, whatever version of himself he is! Always be yourself, that is something to live by.

I was really excited when I received my Inside Out TARDIS dress from Black Milk Clothing, I had purchased a few other items which i'll feature later on but this was by far my top purchase from the delivery.  (I resisted the urge to change right there and then I managed to hold off to wear it the next day).

What I absolutely love about this dress is that it’s reversible. It adds a whole new dimension to the dress and honestly who doesn’t love two dresses in one.

Black Milk Clothing always produces a good quality item (I highly recommend) and this one is no exception, it washes really well, I wear it all the time and haven't had any fading or shape issues. I was also really happy with the brightness of the outside TARDIS blue, it really pops. In my opinion it actually looks better in real life than it does on screen.

The inside TARDIS console is also very beautiful, a bit darker than I was expecting but the colours are wonderful. To be honest I prefer the outside (which is outside, who really knows?) of the dress but I do like having the option to switch just for fun! (I did a wardrobe change during the day at work!).

Luckily you can still purchase this magnificent dress off the Black Milk Clothing website so I highly recommend you get going and purchase straight away. You don’t want to miss out, unless of course you have your own TARDIS in which case take your time!

If you want to be fabulous in all of time and space this dress is a must have!

Tardis Dress