The Jokes on me.

"All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That's how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day." Alan Moore, Batman: The Killing Joke

I am filled with excitement for the release of the animated movie "The Killing Joke".  It's a classic and one of my favourite Batman comics. I really enjoy the animated versions of Batman, they are consistently good. The Dark Knight Returns is one of my all time favourite movies, so I am really looking forward to see what they do with The Killing Joke.

Spontaneously, like the Joker, I decided at the last minute this morning to throw together a Joker inspired outfit. With no real plan or forethought I came up with this little number. 

The jumper is a purchase from Movie World on the Gold Coast in Queensland, it's my husbands, we ended up buying them because the weather took a turn and it was crazy cold while we were there. It isn't something he regularly (if ever) wears but I pulled it out today to wear to the screening and had a lightbulb moment.

Scouring my closet for anything else that was purple I stumbled across a purple dress to wear underneath, it was a bit flat so I added a tulle skirt under the dress to make it more poofy, it seemed more appropriate and more outlandish. The Joker don't wear no flat, droopy skirts.

The tulle skirt was part of another skirt I bought about 8 years ago from French Connection, the main part fell to bits but I managed to keep the tulle for future use!

I happened to have an orange belt that was part of a dress I purchased a while ago and it matched the orange on the jumper pretty well so I added that to tie everything together. It isn't something I wear very often at all, but i'm glad I held onto it!

It might make you a bit of a hoarder but consider carefully what you throw out, you never know when something might come in handy.

Finally the shiny purple shoes were the first ever pair I made on custom shoe website Shoes of Prey. At the time I was going through a bit of a purple phase, another item I don't wear very often but so pleased I kept them now because I feel like if the Joker was going to slip on a pair of heels he would want something shiny and spectacular like these.

I hope to do more homages to Batman's greatest foe, may this be the first of many. 

Ha Ha Ha Ha.

A creepy Joker outfit!