The Once and Future Queen

"It is destiny my love. Destiny and chicken..." Arthur

After my binge of Merlin and absolutely loving Bradley James as Arthur I was determined to create some Merlin inspired outfits. Putting Merlin together was pretty straightforward but the Arthur outfit was a bit of a surprise find, I really wanted to create one with the chainmail but I wasn't sure how to pull something like that off. Luckily whilst on my quest for the perfect Merlin boots I came across the most amazing grey knit jumper! This seemed appropriate since Merlin was always there for Arthur, getting his clothes saving his life...

The jumper is from Sportsgirl, I ended up buying a larger size than I would normally get so it ended up being a bit baggier, it worked perfectly for the look I was going for. 

You may have noticed that the boots and the jeans look very similar to what I am wearing in my Merlin outfit. That is because they are the same! It seemed unnecessary to buy new items when the existing jeans and boots were perfect. I found the belt in Sportsgirl while I was buying the jumper and it looked so great that I decided to buy it, can't wait to use it for my other future outfits!

Because my jumper isn't really chainmail I wanted to add some shiny silver to the outfit and found this great necklace in Louvisa. Rather than wearing it as a necklace I shifted it and decided to wear it as a shoulder piece which looks AMAZING in my opinion. I am really happy how that worked out. I was so close to not buying it but really glad I did.

Sometimes you have to use your imagination and use things a little differently.

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle was the red cape that Arthur is so often seen wearing throughout the series. Obviously I didn't want to walk around in a cape, that would be awkward and not very casual. But then it hit me, the scarf I purchased for my Merlin outfit would be perfect if I wore it more like a shawl than a scarf.

What I loved most about making this outfit was how much I was able to reuse from Merlin. The characters are so intertwined on the show it seemed only natural that my casual cosplay would reflect that!

King Arthur Outfit