The travelling geek

"I could use some air support...since I can't fly...at all." Batman

Recently I have been on a well earned break which required some long haul flights, so I have put together a bit of a travel themed Bat outfit.

My number one rule of travelling is always be comfortable and as you can see I went with one of my Black Milk Clothing dresses, naturally it was the Batman one! What is great about this style of dress when travelling is it's stretchy so it's really comfortable. When you fly you don't want to be wearing anything tight and constricting, the economy airline seats give you enough of that!

Never wear jeans to fly long haul, they really aren't a comfortable travel option. Trust me.

The second must have for flying is leggings, if there is any place you should be wearing leggings it's sitting on an airplane. Leggings are part one of my fight against being cold on the plane. Part two is the Ruana (which is like a poncho).

I bought the Ruana from David Jones to wear at work when I inevitably get cold but it has since become one of my favourite items to wear all the time, and it was fantastic on the airplane. I felt very cosy on my travels because it is super soft and cuddly.

Layers are really important when travelling, you move between different climates and temperatures on and off the plane. So make sure you can take things on and off so you can regulate your temperature and stay comfy.

I never travel without my Bose noise cancelling headphones (now). Not only are these great for blocking out the annoying airplane noises but it also make watching movies and tv shows on the plane much more enjoyable, I didn't realise how noisy the plane was until these beauties took all the noise away! They are a bit expensive but I guarantee you they are worth it.

For long haul I recommend trying to get some sleep if you can. An an eye mask really helps with this by blocking out the lights from other passengers. Sometimes airlines will give you one but I like to bring my own. This Batman eye mask was purchased from Peter Alexander and it is hands down the best eye mask I've ever owned. It is basically a pillow for your eyes. (Imagine that for a second, don't worry i'll wait....). It's always really comfortable and never slips off the head, of course I am particularly fond of it because it has a fabulous Batman symbol on the front. I really wish I bought 2 of them.

You will definitely need a travel bag to carry all your stuff in, whether you go with a tote bag or a wheely bag, you want something comfortable. If going with a tote bag always make sure it has a over the shoulder strap it makes the carrying easier, particularly when you are a bit tired and grumpy from the flight.  

Finally the shoes; I like to wear flats because i'm one of those people who likes to slip their shoes off (sorry everyone). They are also a lot more comfortable and sometimes your feet can swell so something easy to get your feet in and out of is a must. This is also useful for those security lines when they want you to take your shoes off. You don't want to be hopping all over the place trying to get sneakers or boots off.

If you are wearing flats pack a pair of socks no one wants cold feet on a plane! I have little Batman ones my mum bought me for Christmas. Thanks mum!.

There is no reason you can't be your geeky self while you fly, and if you can't make it there on the Bat plane then be Batman-y on the way! 

The Travelling Geek