Get ready to rebel with FN-2187

"Are we really doing this?" Finn

With a whole bunch of new Star Wars movies since the franchise was acquired by Disney we get a brave new world of possibilities for geeky casual cosplay! My first foray in the Star Wars looks was Finn, mainly because his was the easiest to pull off and to be honest it's super comfy.

Finn's look is not very difficult to emulate, he has some pretty basic attire most of wish you probably already own.

To start off I didn't have to look very far in my closet for a plain black t-shirt, you want to avoid any patterns or logos, aim for a round neck and try not to get one that is too tight, you want it a bit loose.

Second item was the jeans, I went with my standard pair of black jeans from Zara, but ideally you want a more masculine cut and something not so form fitting. I'll have to add that to my list for future but in the mean time, and if you are familiar with my blog, you'll know I'm a huge fan of re-using. 

Next up I added the shoes, I just wore a pair of canvas high tops that I purchased from Kmart for $15. I bought these shoes for another costume but they were the best I had for this look. 

Finally the most important part of the outfit is the jacket, which Finn got from Poe Dameron early in the movie. This jacket is from Hot Topic, it's not leather but it's incredibly comfortable and good quality for the price! 

If you are wondering I absolutely photoshopped the lightsaber in! I really just couldn't help myself. 

Finn Star Wars