Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Wardrobe!

"Nothing surprises me; I’m a scientist." Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is one of the Holy Grails of action movies and also one of the more recognisable costumes that you can pull off on a day to day basis.

The outfit is made up of a few simple items and I had a lot of fun pulling it together. Indiana Jones is distinguished by his appearance most notably the bullwhip, fedora, bag and leather jacket so I tried to pull all of those items into the look, I hope you like it.

The first, which most of us have in our wardrobe is a white shirt, I've had this for a while so I can't remember where I got it from but it's like this one from Anthropologie. I went with a shirt without buttons because I thought it had a nicer look, the low neckline imitates the regular open shirt that Indiana wore throughout the movies.

I also included the brown jeans and the sweet brown boots i've worn in a few of my outfits like Merlin and Arthur

Having staple items makes it easier and more cost effective to create new outfits. Don't be afraid to re-use things.

I added in the iconic jacket which was also originally part of my Merlin outfit, ideally I would have had a darker version but rather than purchasing a brand new one i'm moving forward with this one for now. Plus it matches the hat!

The hat is probably my favourite part, I love wearing hats so i'll take any excuse to wear one! These items are all straight from my costume box, you can buy a number of Indiana Jones hats or costume items online from costume shops, eBay and Etsy. 

Finally I used a mans brown belt, it has a better look to it than a female one, gives the look a more masculine edge. This one is also reversible so I sometimes use it as a black belt. Looks like the theme of this look is re-use!! 

Indiana Jones