Kiss the Girl

""..."" Ariel

I've been cosplaying as Cinderella for a while now and decided I wanted to try something a bit different. I had recently bought a fabulous red wig for another upcoming cosplay (watch this space) and thought it would be perfect for an Ariel costume. If you read my blog you'll know i'm keen on reusing items I already have so it was a great opportunity to wear something new.

This costume came together really well, it's still in progress but I think it's a great start. The wig was purchased from Wig Glamour on eBay, I ended up buying the 80cm curly red heat resistant wig, it's absolutely beautiful highly recommend!

I'm not much of a sewer so I purchased a white top from BigW for $8 and a cheap black corset for $12 (I forget where but there are heaps on eBay). In the long term i'd like to replace the corset with one that matches the Ariel costume a bit better but this was a good alternative for my first pass.

I had a bunch of blue satin that I purchased on sale a while a go for another project and whipped up a quick blue skirt. To finish off the costume I used the same fabric as the skirt to create a bow for my hair.

So that is how I made an Ariel costume for comic con, it was a quick and easy costume and super comfortable (especially because Ariel wears flat black shoes). So if you are looking for a costume and want something comfy and easy I recommend you give Ariel a try!

Ariel Kiss The Girl