Red hot Wonder Woman

"I am the best I can be." Wonder Woman

While putting together my previous Star Wars outfit I realised I'd been doing a lot of brown lately and I needed some colour in my life. Who is more wonderful and inspiring than Wonder Woman? No one, especially when the outfit is a fancy and fabulous dress!

This will be a pretty short post because this outfit really only includes one item and that is the absolutely amazing Wonder Woman themed dress from the Hot Topic Gotham Knights range (you have no idea how much I love this range). 

When buying internationally from Hot Topic look out for their discounts on international shipping! You can save a lot.

The dress is wonderful quality, it's bodice boned and covered in red and gold sequins, it's a nice fit and clearly based on the princesses own outfit. It's also got these great off the shoulder sleeves.

I learnt these off the shoulder sleeves are called "cold shoulder" sleeves. Cool name, I like it!

The skirt itself is made of taffeta and tulle, with a red tulle petticoat to give it a bit of volume. The hem is high at the front and low at the back revealing the fantastic red and white stars lining (also very classically reminiscent of the Wonder Woman look).

Naturally I also included my fabulous Wonder Woman shoes from Shoes of Prey and the jewellery I wore in my previous Princess of the Amazons post. 

Don't forget to swoosh this dress, it's super fun to swoosh!

Wonderwoman Swoosh