Sometimes it's good to be bad

"Oh dear, what an awkward situation" Maleficent

I recently attended Supanova in Perth and as we don't have a lot of opportunities here for conventions when one comes up I like to make the most of it. I joined my friends at Perth Allied Costumers and decided to debut a new costume. Straying away from the classic  Disney Princess I opted for someone a little more misunderstood.

I opted for Maleficent partially because the Angelina Jolie live action movie was a fun twist on a classic story and it was a pretty fun choice. But I must admit the main reason for choosing her was so I could build her staff, I wanted a fun crafty project and guess what, it was a heap of fun! 

Hot tip, villains are so much easier on your cheek muscles at a convention. Much less smiling Ha ha ha!! I felt like a bad ass!

Maleficent Headshot

First up though, I didn't really have time to do any sewing so I opted for the purchase option and got the dress from Cosventure. They were really awesome, and although the headpiece that was sent was the wrong one the support I received regarding it was fantastic. Thanks for your help Katherine! 

I added the "stone" to the zipper on the front of the dress as decoration which I modelled off one of the Maleficent figures. It was made from some polymorph plastic I had leftover from the staff creation, I just hot glued gunned it to the original zip, I was pretty happy with the addition.

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Photo by Steven Lee

The headpiece is one of the more iconic parts of the costume and unfortunately I was sent the cheaper fabric version which meant the horns were super squishy and did a terrible job of staying upright. I was able to make some modifications so they pointed up but it didn't last all day and they started to droop a bit by the end. I also had to add some wraps around my head once the horns were on because the headpiece did not cover the whole hair, ears etc. I happened to have two black silk wraps which I managed to tie on. Finally I added some black diamontes on the front for detail. These were all very last minute additions the night before Supanova and boy am I glad I made the changes. It was a huge improvement. 

My totally amazing makeup was done by a local makeup artist i've used for various special occasions. After many attempts at trying to accomplish the look myself and not being happy at the last minute I decided i'd see if a pro could nail it for me. I not disappointed. Holy smokes she did a fantastic job!

Maleficent Green

The staff was my fun "off the computer" project which I made over a few weeks. The tube is aluminium, spray painted and then covered in polymorph plastic which I melted and then stretched around the pole. Polymorph plastic was great for this because if I didn't squish the little plastic balls together it would create this great wood like texture! 

The light on top was made from an $8 Bunnings garden light, my husband replaced the light with some colour changing LED's to make the light brighter (it also meant I could change the colour from my phone which was a neat trick). Once it was all put together I hand painted the staff to create the wood look, this took me a few layers but in the end I was pretty happy with it. I created a bunch of detachable "wood pieces" so that It would look like one piece with the staff but would still allow me to take the staff apart if needed, remembering where they went was a bit tricky! :D

Last but not least the crow was purchased from Costumes.com.au and tied to the top of the staff with some wire. I feel like he really finished the whole outfit off.

I had a heap of fun pulling this costume together, I can't wait to bring her out again in future.

Maleficent Face
Maleficent Main