The Raggedy Doctor

"In 900 years in time and space I never met anyone who wasn't important." The Eleventh Doctor

I'm a huge fan of the show Doctor Who, I have a few items on my blog including my Inside Out Dress and my homage to the Daleks "Exterminate" but I was yet to feature the Doctor himself. Considering my absence lately it seemed appropriate!

There are many outfits to choose from when trying to pick a Doctor to imitate, I ended up going with Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor solely because I have his Sonic Screwdriver. Yep, I made a whole costume around a single prop! That is just how cool I am!  

I love how The Doctor's outfits are (for the most part) super stylish and a little bit quirky. The Matt Smith era it's certainly a look you can wear out and about without anyone batting an eyelid. I have worn this whole outfit to work a couple of times without any problems. 

Jumping in to see what the look is made off, the quintessential part is the jacket! This also happens to be my favourite part. I found it challenging to find a tweed jacket that I liked, I couldn't just pop down to the shops and pick one up. I also wanted it to be nicely fitted, seriously, The Doctor would never wear baggy tweed! I took a bit of a risk and purchased a vintage jacket online from Etsy, you can find a lot of great options there, eBay is also a pretty good place to start looking. It paid off, the jacket fits perfectly and I think really rounds off the whole outfit.

When looking for a shirt I went for one with a slightly pink tone which can be see in some episodes during Matt Smith's run. It also gives the outfit a slightly more feminine look. I bought this one from Target a few years ago for $8 (I'm unsure how I remember it was $8, but it stuck in my mind).

If you are into casually costuming and you don't have heaps of money don't be afraid to be a clothes hoarder you never know when something might be useful!

As we all know "bow ties are cool" and the Eleventh Doctor can't be eleven without it! I ordered this one off eBay for a couple of dollars. Normally I wear a slightly darker maroon bow tie but I couldn't find it when I was taking these photos so I went with the brighter one.

It's pretty fun wearing a bow tie out and about!

You can't see it but i'm also wearing braces which were also bought off eBay for a few dollars (they are really fun to play with...also distracting!).

I'm reusing my brown jeans, (yes again), it seems like brown jeans are a staple, make sure you get some. I was a bit at a loss shoe wise so I just went with some suede black boots, i'll have to work on this aspect in future! It's okay i've got plenty of time...unsure about space though. 

I had a lot of fun with this whole outfit and I felt really fancy wearing this to work. If you have any suggestions for other looks hit me up on my Facebook page